Customer-Oriented Information Technology Solutions

Fusion Agiletech Partners is building one of North America’s largest capabilities in customer-oriented information technology solutions, specializing in blockchain and transformative technologies, strategy and management consulting, agile software development, digital transformation, cloud and data analytics. We provide investors an unparalleled combination of large-scale consulting services and a product innovation platform driven by cloud and blockchain.


One of Microsoft’s top US partners, Quisitive is a Microsoft National Solutions provider and a leading Microsoft Cloud and Blockchain partner. Fusion’s growth strategy includes acquisition of IT services firms to build one of the industry’s largest Consulting Services firms, bringing high value to Microsoft and their customers. Fusion Agiletech has a robust pipeline of acquisition targets that will drive geographic scale and industry-focused expertise.

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Fusion Agiletech will fund investment in cloud & blockchain product innovation to create an engine for continuous innovation through Quisitive Labs. Fusion’s LedgerPay initiative will leverage Quisitive’s unique expertise in payment systems technology and its strong relationship in the US banking and merchant communities to develop, promote and sustain blockchain enabled payments related software products.

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Blockchain Market Opportunity


Startup Investment

Amount, in billions, of startup investment in blockchain based projects from 5/2015 – 5/2017


Investment Intent

Of financial services executives say that their organization will make significant investments in the technology over the next 3 years (2017 PwC Digital IQ Survey)


Five star ratings

Steep uptick (double) in blockchain patents and applications from 2016-2017


Est CAGR by 2021

Amount the blockchain market is predicted to grow

Learn more about how Fusion Agiletech Partners is delivering technology consulting and product innovation enabled by agile development, cloud and blockchain technologies.

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